Network lenders USA I guess sold my loan I don't know to who and I'm going into foreclosure

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I don't even know where to begin with this.My mortgage was originally with Network Lenders Usa now I got papers stating I have to send payment to Wishire Pym't center out of Portland Oregon.

I got behind on my pymt's caught it up then a few months later got behind again now there threating foreclosure. No-one would take my payment. I house my 87 yr old mother, my brother who is dying of cancer and my 3 grandchildren I dont know what to do. I did some re-search online and found out that my loan was with Network Lenders USA but, there out of Conneticut(which there lisences were suspended)and also they filed Bankruptcy and my loan was a week after that now I don't know who I'am with and don't know what to do can someone please help me figure this out.

Also, there is another name on my mortgage papers a "Equity Trust Corporation"I think not only is my loan gotten by some loan shark criminals but, the company who gave me the laon falsified my income stating I make 6500.00 a month...they scammed me when I needed to re-finance please help me I live In Florida also in Citrus County is this helps

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please if this has happened to anyone else with this company let me know I need as much help as I can get thank you

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